More reviews and testimonials are avaliable on my freeindex site (link below), these pages contain a selection extracts from letters I have received.    http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(roy-mackay-spiritual-medium-and-psychic-consultant)_141520.htm

Sylvia.  Woking 2008. Through the years I have been a spiritualist I am often asked to recommend a sensitive, a medium, to help in life’s twists and turns and especially when a loved one has gone home, I give them Roy Mackays telephone number.  Knowing that Roy is positive, and sincere, in his guided readings.  A one-to-one message of light, love and help that will help them to see further than the eye and fill their heart with hope.

Beverley Muir,  Wales.     July 12th 2007. Dear Roy, thank you so much once again for my sitting last evening.  It was lovely to receive messages (all positive) from my loved ones and old friends in spirit.  My last doubts about our move to Wales have now gone.  Thanks again for giving me so much time.

Jenny.  London. 2008 Thank you so much for your help yesterday evening.  It was very interesting and significant.  Thanks for your kindness to Sam and me.  I have passed your details on to friends who may well give you a call.

Barbara Kilburn.  New Brunswick, Canada. 30th january 2007. I know nothing about clairvoyants.  I had never had my fortune told, and I did not believe that people could really talk with the dead – Then I met Roy.  My husband Glen had died very suddenly in June.  My family and I met Roy in October.  It was an evening I will never forget, and I will always be thankful that I had this opportunity.  I felt that I was given one last chance to be with Glen.  This evening with Roy was a turning point in my grieving.  I felt some peace and closure thanks to Roy and his gift.

Linny.  Woking.  February 2008. I have to tell you I am hard to please.  I am not the sort of person who reads my stars in the newspaper and plans my day round it.  Nor would I be taken in by some wishy-washy message from a medium.  I would need tons of proof.  I would really like to thank Roy for the wonderful reading he gave me and the assurance that my friends and family are still around helping and loving me and that they do hear me when I talk to them.

Marjorie.  Middlesex. November 2007. Thank you for the impromptu reading you gave me, not only was I impressed but amazed by the information, I was also touched, because it answered some silent questions I had asked of spirit.  I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.  Again, my thanks to you and spirit.

Debbie  I just wanted to tell you how reassured I felt within myself after I came to see you in August 2008.  I was told about you from a friend who also had an amazing experience with you.  I wanted so badly to make contact with my Dad, who I lost 2 years ago, and within the first 5 minutes, sitting with you, I am sure my Dad was with me.  I feel at peace with myself now, although I didn’t have any regrets, just so much love.  Your knowledge and experience and gift to be able to be a medium between the living and the loved one passed over, is so rewarding and I am so pleased I met you.  You were also so understanding towards me and gave me extra time in your own time which I very much appreciated.  Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to meet you.

J Hodgkinson. Queensland ,Australia. I was very impressed with the spiritual reading that I received from Roy in 2009. He was very clear about what to expect and what not to expect and very comforting. The evidence he provided of spirit being close was quite phenomenal with things that related to just myself that no one could have guessed nor pre-empted. His delivery of messages was very natural and he mainly said things in a way I could understand but where I couldn’t he was able to provide clarification in another way. A few numbers and names that, at the time didn’t mean something to me immediately, have since been confirmed as not being random, from the way in which the messages were delivered and the relationships those things had to other messages. It was clear to me that both guides and relations had made themselves known to me through Roy. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to visit Roy for a reading whether it be for personal comfort, to see if spirit may have some words for them or in search of evidence of spiritual existence for people who may have any doubt.

More reviews and testimonials are available on my freeindex site (link below), http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(roy-mackay-spiritual-medium-and-psychic-consultant)_141520.htm  

Gretta Wells

My reading with Mr.Roy MacKay was a wonderful experience.  Since we had never met before his brief visit here, and we had no mutual acquaintances whatsoever, there is absolutely no way that he could have known about the information he channelled to me.  I had messages, not only from my mother, but also a sister who had only lived a few hours after her birth, and my Godparents, who had passed away more than 20 years ago.  I was stunned!  I found Mr Mackay to be absolutely ethical and genuine.  He is a most gifted psychic medium, and one in whom, from my experience, you can place total trust.   It was a great pleasure to have met with him.  Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada 

Beverley Doucette,.   Nova Scotia, Canada. April 2011 I had a reading with Roy in April 2011 in Fredericton NB, Canada. My husband transitioned in 2006 and his Mom in 2008. They were both present with us that day during the reading. They carry on the same friendly banter on the other side as they did here. For a moment in time I was reunited with them and I am confident they continue to guide me daily. The messages were more than profound!!! Thank you for sharing your gift Roy and may you always know the role you play in keeping us connected to our loved ones is most appreciated by those of us who believe. May God continue to Bless you on your amazing journey.

Jodie Vye & Ghislain Fournier

First, I would like to say thank-you to Roy for taking the time to come and see us in Moncton, NB. I have never experienced what we did that night he came over.  His gift is truly remarkable.  We still have our friend here but he has stopped playing with us, or maybe we are just use to the idea that he is here.  We tend to ignore anything we might hear or see.  It was just incredible the details that he told us about loved ones passed on.  I always felt I had someone watching over me and he confirmed it.  Wow! What a comfort. I would honestly recommend anyone to go see Roy or have him visit you.  What a remarkable person, and remarkable experience! Thank you Roy. Jodie Vye & Ghislain Fournier, Moncton, NB, Canada

Colin F..Godalming Sy. 2011 I would like to thank you, Julie Williams and friend for removing the Spirit that was in our house for so many years. Without your help we would still be suffering the noises, moving about in the night and the sleepless nights. I was a non-believer in this sort of thing, But once it happens to you life after death becomes a reality. You never gave up on us, Right from the beginning you were with us. We thought we were going a bit mad until we contacted you and your team.   I believe what you have is a gift and i hope you continue forever, Because without you people, I don’t know what we would have done. The house is now completely different it’s peaceful, as before it was so scary…   Thank you so much, Regards Colin.

Pearl Jackson. Woking. 16 Dec 2011. I first met Roy at Woking Spiritualist church at the beginning of September. At this time Roy was the medium in charge of the open development circle.  I had never been to a development circle before and I am truly grateful that my first experience of a circle was with Roy.  He always puts you at your ease and is a truly wonderful and kind person. He taught me how to meditate which I thought I could never do, and in the few weeks I knew Roy before he left the circle I learnt so much from him.  I am really grateful he was the medium who was there when I started my physic development. He gave me many wonderful messages from my Mother, and predicted things that although did not make sense at the time have now come true.  I think Roy is an exceptional medium who is truly gifted. I cannot recommend Roy highly enough. I feel blessed to have known him, and really miss his presence at the church.

Lisa Sullivan. Addlestone. 2011 I first met Roy at Woking Spiritualist Church in May 2010.I went along to his open circle & I was feeling quite nervous not knowing what to expect. Roy instantly put me at ease & the group were very friendly. Roy got me to work that first night on the stage , something I never dreamed of. He will never know what that meant to me or maybe he did. I went along to feel & understand the work my late father did as a medium & Roy put me in that place on my first night .He also gave me a very personal message from my father & something only close family knew .For that night I am eternally grateful to Roy. He has since taught me how to meditate, work with spirit & heal. I can’t possibly list the immense amount of guidance & gentle encouragement Roy has passed on to me from that first time as there has been so much! I recently became ill & couldn’t wait for Roy to return from Canada to help me! He has given up his time to help me with healing & I felt so much better after & considering I had been ill for a month, this was an amazing breakthrough. Roy has gone on to give me many personal messages & guidance. We have had a few laughs along the way too which is so important. Roy is a very modest, caring & gentle man who is one of the best mediums I have seen. Thank you so much Roy xx