HI, My name is Roy Mackay and I am an Evidential Spiritualist Medium, Reiki healing Master Practitioner, Spiritualist Minister and Author.

I have had the pleasure to have been a channel for the communication with the Spirit world for nearly five decades and work in many different settings to connect to those we love. My work is shared in many ways such as Church services, chiefly Spiritualist churches, I have delighted to have worked at public meetings throughout the UK and in Canada, and with media such as Skype and zoom in many parts of the world. Also connecting for small gatherings and the more intimate setting of one to one private settings.

I have had the honour to have taught many in the development of potential mediumship, there is no end to the many ways the spirit world endeavours to prove to us through mediumship that they still live on, The medium is just one of the cogs in the transportation of loved ones connection from the world of Spirit to the physical worlds, Guides and helpers are present to help make sure there is a pure affiliation of love and energy, The guides and helpers instruct those that may never have contacted with loved ones on the earth before, encouraging this most natural of actions, Communication. Something most of us do nearly every minute of everyday. So why should not those that have gone before communicate also.

Full flow Spirit communication


What is Mediumship.

It is in simple terms the ability to be a bridge between the two worlds, both the earthly world and the world of the spirit, the ability to hear both worlds was the way one person described it. We are all born with varying degrees of psychic abilities believe it or not whether you are destined to evolve those abilities or let them lapse whilst you journey through the earthly experience we call life.       There are however some psychic abilities that do stay with you regardless of your choice to expand them.

People often comment on “Womens intuition”  some call it the “Gut feelings” Well believe it or not that is a rudimentary or elementary for of Psychic development. Then as you move up the scale there are some with extraordinary powers often called “Mediums or Channels”. That can be used by the world of the spirit to communicate with the earthly people that have be left behind.

It is true that some people reveal their psychic abilities from an early age and also some have their abilities suppressed by the adult world who do not understand or even fear what their children are manifesting, some see it as clearly “not normal”, but what is more normal than communication whatever form it takes.

I was very fortunate that my psychic journey through life was not suppressed, in fact the belief of the existence of the spirit world was often spoken of, which helped me enormously after my father passed suddenly when i was only the age of five years old.

It is also very sad that through ignorance of this subject many conceivably valuable Healers psychics and Mediums are lost to the world. Mediums though having this special gift are fundamentally no different from the rest of us. Some one once wrote that there is nothing supernatural about Mediums ,Psychics and healers. as they cannot be above nature, But they are supernormal. Mediums take several forms, They see, Hear or sense, Clairvoyance is seeing, Clairaudient is hearing and clairsentient is sensing, all mediums possess one or a combination of all three levels. There is also Trance Mediumship which i will explain at another time.