At Last IT's Here

48 years of mediumship "ups and downs" packed into 302 pages.

Expecting chapters that will evoke many emotions from it's readers as it already has judging from my E mails.
Also hoping this helps many that are just starting out on their own spiritual pathways or even experienced mediums and healers, or maybe just the inquisitive minds

Cornelius Cavendish writes: In "I'm Not A Large, I am a Medium!, Roy Mackay takes you on his remarkable 45 year journey as a medium Beginning when he was only 21 Roy was performing publicly just two years later, since when he has given hundreds of demonstrations and private readings, In Britain, and internationally Canada through Skype.

He reveals what he has learnt about life after death answering many questions, and shows how he communicates with the world of Spirit. It is a world that is open to us all, he says, Candidly explaining how we too can connect with it. His wide-ranging reminiscences are by turns heartwarming surprising and awesome.

He vividly describes the times when he has come to the aid of a homeowner whose home has been disturbed by a spirit sometimes with chilling effect, and helped the spirit to move peacefully into the light.
It's been an extraordinary life.