Private reading

This is a one to one reading that can be at my home or via another media of choice such as Skype or zoom, facetime or What’s App . A telephone reading is also possible however unlike the video connections you do not have access to the visuals that may be in the form of mannerisms, a habit that may help you to confirm the person that is connecting with you.
For instance your grandfathers mannerism may have been continuously stroking his ear or combing back his hair with his hand and this may be displayed during the connection. Plus i think its a lot more fun. You can feel the vibrations of the loved ones around you in many instances. There is no doom and gloom in a reading they bring strength and upliftment, the same love you feel you have lost, they are still your loved ones.

Joint reading

Joint Readings are also available however, It is best to think about a joint reading especially with a friend, which is requested quite often.
I am sure you require a joint reading with your friend because you already think that you know everything about your friend already and vice versa. Sometimes in a reading very personal information comes through in the form of proof, things you may not wish to share at all. Many times i have shared information from the spirit world that creates a show of surprise from one or the other, something you didn’t expect to share with each other. Secondly it is possible that one or the other recipients may get the larger share of information given that may not go down too well with either friend. Family readings are generally a little different as you have grown together as a family but worth thinking again whether this i the best choice for you.

Explanation of a reading in simple terms

I am asked so many questions regarding how a Private session of Connection works, hopefully the following information will help all those seeking to experience their first session linking with those who join us from the world of spirit.

The first obstruction for many is fear, wondering what if I receive bad news about myself or my family, maybe I will have a spirit come home with me? What if no one wishes to speak to me!.  A reading, the joining together sitting or consultation is a most natural thing. In fact it is what i am aiming to achieve with you the reader at this moment, Communicating.

It is the coming together of friends, relatives and loved ones and the fact that some have passed over into the world of spirit does not stop communication.                          Those upon the earth world wonder where their loved ones go when they pass from this world and if they are well or happy. Those in the spirit world will try to get back to those they have left behind to let them know that they live on and Death is no barrier, that all is well and that which pained them, the heart attacks, cancers and disabilities were left behind with that we call “the body”, If you still have loved ones on the earth, then I assume you visit them and discuss life, your problems too, maybe hope for a little guidance on this your pathway through life, only natural right? Well! those in the spirit world still visit you.

Some people can sense when a loved one or a friend in the spirit world comes around them for a few moments to “visit them”. It may start with a memory of the loved one coming from out of the blue when your mind was thinking of something totally different. The spirit world are introducing the fact that they are visiting you.

They are not connecting with you to criticise your ways, decisions or judgements, they have had their life and know that it is not their place to put your life in order. They come with compassion and the will to help wherever they can from their own experiences, to guide you where possible. Above all as you long to be near them for a shortwhile they long for the same. They live on, love on and have pathways of learning but always come close to those they left behind.

They hear your thoughts and feel your sadness and to talk to them is literally a thought away.

As a medium i have no power of attraction to those in spirit. If in a reading you require a particular loved one to be contacted I am sorry it is not within my power or any other mediums power to “Summon” them. Just like us on the earth they may be engaged somewhere else, but it is also my experience that sending a little thought or two to them before a reading really works wonders and seems to increase their availability. maybe it is those in the world of spirit that has been on your mind trying to persuade you to find that link with the spirit realm, pushing you towards a reading who knows!. it is a little sad that some people do not believe we live on into the spirit world. and it must make the loved ones in spirit frustrated when all they want is to     communicate  with those they leave behind to say “I am alright, I live on”.

Roy Mackay.