How I started!

For all those who think that Mediumship, Clairvoyance or talking with those in the Spirit World is something they could never master – well 40 years ago I was one of you. I was a normal ‘jack the lad’ who was happily married and had a young daughter. I was driving lorries most of the day and snoozing half the evening. I had been brought up with Spiritualism though, and as it was normal life to me I didn’t even recognise it.My father died of a Coronary Thrombosis when I was five years old, and I remember the knock at the door as if it were an hour ago and how my four sisters, my younger brother and myself were herded upstairs. I remember being the nosy one – I stuck my head out of the window overlooking the front door and listening to the bluntness of the guy telling my Mother that Dad had come off his motorbike and had died in the ambulance. Memories of the rest of that day are very much a blur.

But, we were taught that “life goes on”. I didn’t know much of Mediumship other than bits from the movies and I remember my Nan Carter walking a block to give me healing in the middle of the night when I had an asthma attack. Later I was informed that Nan was a Medium and worked the churches much the same as I have for the past decades. I also remember “weird” dreams as a child that woke me on a number of occasions and usually ended in an asthma attack.

Around 1975 I remember my Mother asking me for a lift to church one day and I happily agreed. On arrival at the church I asked how long it would be before mum needed collecting. She asked me to go into the church with her but I declined the offer and said “how long”. When I was told ‘an hour’ I thought I may as well wait, so I entered the church. Mum sat with a friend in the back row and I hid in the same row, in the corner with my head down. “If I can’t see them they can’t see me” that was my thought.

After the service my mum introduced me to her friend who ran development circles. She had informed my mother that I was a ‘very psychic gentleman’ and should be using my talents. Well, to cut a long story short, I was invited into the ladies circle of meditation where I met 6 people who became very close friends as we developed together. Most of them became Mediums and have worked in churches as demonstrators of their work as Channels for Spirit.

I was progressed into another circle that would educate me in the disciplines of Mediumship. Then, six months later when the circle needed to be relocated I was asked to “Chair” the circle and help all within it to progress. I reluctantly agreed wondering how on earth I could teach whilst I was still a student myself.

Well things got better and better, I learnt as I taught and experienced many difficulties and many successes, but became very content in my role.

Of course it helps when you have some lovely people to work with, and I did have. Working in the circle gave me such a great feeling that I longed for Tuesday nights to hurry round. If I was unwell and couldn’t attend, I missed my friends so very much.

I was taken by a Medium friend to work at my first church and can still remember my knees knocking to this day. I still get very nervous up in front of a congregation but once I get my link with Spirit it becomes fun; and if the messages I convey to the congregation cause a tear or a smile I know I have performed my duty to my God and those workers in Spirit. But, I will always remember that fear of my first demonstration was alleviated by the presence of my grandmothers voice saying ‘go on son, you will be fine’. Bless her.

It brings to mind stories that I had been told of my Grandmother, whom as I mentioned was also a Medium. She too used to serve the churches, though it was not so easy for her to travel around. My Grandmother had to use what public transport was available at the time, and as I understand it my Grandfather was not a great believer in talking with Spirit so Gran often had to tell him that she was attending a “Mothers meeting”. I had wondered where that phrase came from.

Obviously I do not manage my work alone. My Spirit Guides and Helpers are always behind the scenes teaching me further and protecting me. We don’t always get the names of Guides but I have two Guides, a Native American Indian called Grey Wolf and a Samurai named Chi Yen that work with me on different levels.

When I give church addresses I am usually instructed by a Nomad in blue Arab dress. A few years back, a partner and I sat up till late having a question and answer session with him. He made us feel very humble with his manner. The experience was amazing and both my partner and myself felt that it was the most wonderful of experiences. We were permitted to ask questions and receive answers from this higher consciousness, and the answers that we were given were so down to earth.

I have been very fortunate with my experiences, but so can any of you reading this page.