Tips for a private reading



Friday, 27 June 2008 15:32
These few tips may be helpful if you have booked a private reading with a Medium, Psychic, or Tarot Reader.

Roy conducting a reading

During the day of the reading set a few minutes aside to think about what questions you would like some answers to, ask the spirit friends to mention something that was prominent during your day. To show they have been with you.

  • When answering the reader let them hear your voice clearly, think of a telephone conversation how awkward does the conversation get when you cannot hear or understand the caller.
  • During the reading try to keep answers to a minimum such as a Yes, No, or I will hold that.
  • (the last comment is generally meant when you cannot quite place a part of the message but a no is not a true answer either).  This allows the reading to continue without further disturbance and you can think about it more leisurely after the reading.  Do not start explanations or family history etc, though a good medium will stop you before that happens as it can distort the reading and you may mention something that is relevant as proof, before your spirit contacts have a chance to confirm their knowledge in this situation.


  • Try not to ask more than a couple of questions whilst the reading is in progress.  It tends to slow the reading down, those in spirit use as much of the reading time as possible to give proof that they are living on and safe in the world of spirit. Imagine that a flow of water from a hose pipe is energy of the spirit communication flowing nicely, now obstruct the end of the hose slightly, the flow is distorted and fragmented. Thus it can affect the reading. (This explanation was given to me by a guide at the time of a reading) so let the Medium do their work and hopefully there will be time for a question or two at the end of the sitting.
  • Those loved one’s friends and family in Spirit have things to do, lessons to learn, places to be, both on different levels of the spirit world and upon the earth.  Though they do try to be around you as much as possible, sometimes other works must take priority.  It is not possible therefore to expect a soul to drop everything to be at your side during a reading, but as I said they try hard to be present when they know you have a sitting.  So if you only want to contact Uncle Fred or Aunt Doris you may be disappointed on occasion as it is not within the Mediums skills to produce your loved ones friends and relatives from wherever they are in the world of Spirit. My personal view is if a Medium, Psychic says they can, then I would look elsewhere for your reading.
  • Just because a Medium advertises it doesn’t mean they are proficient in the disciplines to conduct a successful sitting.  Ask at your local Spiritualist churches for a recommended Medium, act on the personal recommendations of friends and relatives.  Churches have magazines that are printed by governing bodies and unions of spirit work, read of others’ experiences with Mediums.
  • Try to relax, its not spirits way to tell folk off, give bad news, or predictions that are negative.  After all you don’t talk doom and gloom when you have a family or friends gathering do you?  Above all enjoy those precious moments of links with the World of Spirit – Because those in spirit will.
  • Try to arrive punctually for your reading.  Both the Medium and those in the world of spirit have taken time and energy to ensure that all will be ready.
  • If you need to cancel a reading try to give as much time as possible to inform the medium. There may be someone else that needs the appointment.
  • Don’t try and remember everything that is mentioned to you.  It may help you to make small notes or ask the medium when arranging the reading if the appointment may be recorded.  It is generally the case that anything you forget from the reading will come back to mind when the time is right, those in spirit will be only too ready to point out “we told you that would happen,” when any prediction they have made comes to pass.
  • The purpose of a Demonstration of Clairvoyance or a private reading is to prove that life is everlasting and those who pass from this world are safe in an existing world, in short, life goes on.

And it does!