Private readings or sittings £50 per sitting,(not per hour). Please allow up to an hour for this process though it is possible for the appointment to last longer. A Joint reading is possible for £75 however I suggest usually that this is a family venture. Reason? sometimes very personal information is added as “proof”, information that you may have wished not to share with your co-sitter.

Please view “Tips for a private reading” under the articles section of this website to help you get the best out of your connection experience. You may record the sitting or take notes.


Home calming is a process which is to settle the vibration of the dwelling, it may be that you are suffering disturbances, knocks or bumps in the night or day. It may well be due to a soul or spirit that has become trapped in our time, or maybe a spirit for one reason or another refuses to, or is scared to transition into the spirit world. This is generally a quiet process to help the spirit leave in peace with a little encouragement

I occasionally manage to find time to teach meditation or development courses during the year. Meditation aids Health through taking control of everyday trials and tribulations, taking you through a process of focus into a quiet place deep within the inner self or consciousness, It helps in areas of sleep, relaxation and concentration, placing all things in to controllable context of your life. All can learn to meditate to their own level and above.Development helps with the spiritual side of ourselves to regain our psychic abilities and sensitivities that may be lost within us. It teaches us that we can make our own communication not only with the inner self, but also with practice, with those of the Spirit World. Fees :are dependent on duration (usually 4 weeks) and level of the courses provided. Please contact me for further information and availabilities

Skype, and Skype readings are great for those living abroad from the UK. You can download Skype to your computer and use it free anywhere in the world. It allows me to see you and vice versa and can be an added bonus for a distance reading as you can see the mannerisms that you can sometimes recognise as your friends and relatives join you in Connection. The computer connection is usually very clear and I have used them for readings to France, Canada, USA and Ireland to great effect. Telephone readings are also very effective though for me it lacks a little something. The fee is £50. plus the cost of the call is borne by the client, and the call is made by the client ,usually at your local rate and after 6pm too. However if the client is close by I recommend the personal sitting, it shows some commitment from you.

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