An Explanation of a Reading in Simple terms.



Thursday, 21 October 2010 17:30
A Reading, sitting, or consultation is a most natural thing. It is the joining together of friends relatives and loved ones. The fact that some have passed over into the Spirit world does not stop communication, Those upon the earth world wonder where their loved ones go when they pass away from this world and if they are well or happy. Those in the spirit world try to get word back to those they have left behind to let them know that they live on and that death is no barrier. That all is well and that which pained them, the heart attacks, cancers, and disabilities were left behind with that we call” the body”. Example: If you still have loved ones on the earth, then you visit them, discuss your problems with them and probably ask and hope for a little guidance on your pathway through life. Only natural. Well!  Those in the spirit world still visit you. Some people can tell when a certain loved one or friend in the spirit world comes around them for a few moments, “to visit them”, it may start with a memory of the loved one coming from out of the blue, when their thinking of something totally different. Well they are introducing the fact that those from spirit are “visiting you. They are not with you to criticise your ways or decisions or judgements, they have had their life and know that it is not their place to put your life in order But they come with compassion and the will to help wherever they can from their own experiences to guide you where possible. But above all as you long to be near them for a short while, they long for the same. They live on, learn on, and have pathways of learning also, but always come close to those they “left behind”. They hear your thoughts and feel your sadness, to talk with them is literally a thought away. As a Medium I have no power of attraction to those in Spirit, if in a reading you require a particular loved one to be present, I am sorry that is not within my power or any other mediums power to “summon them” just like us on the earth they may also be busy. But it is also my experience that sending a thought or two to them in spirit before a reading works wonders and seems to increase their availability. It may also be those in spirit trying to persuade you to get a link with the spirit world, pushing you towards a reading who knows? It is a little sad that some people do not believe we live on into spirit, and must make the loved ones in spirit so frustrated when all they want is to communicate with the folk they left behind to say,  “I am alright” I live on.

Roy Mackay